Concept art / Illustration by Antonio Stappaerts
Antonio Stappaerts _ Post Apoc Char.jpg


Brittle Earth - Character Exploration

Character Narrative Exploration

So here's my first set of thumbnails for my anti-hero team. 
I'm gonna try and find a nice balance of personalities, archetype and motives. I might add a few more characters as we go along, or replace a few. It's all still very modular at the moment.

When I create characters, I like to have a certain set of "narrative traits" that eases the design process:

  • Backstory and/or motive
  • Personality traits
  • Key Features (that make this character unique)
Untitled_Artwork 47.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 47.jpg


Starting off with Seido:

Backstory: Seido was a former fish boat captain who lost his ship and crew to a monstrous sea creature. Being the sole survivor of this tragedy, he teamed up with Brouzer to feed his thirst for revenge on this newly spawned monstrosities...

Personality: Introvert, easily agitated yet warm hearted and kind.

Key Features: Carries around what remains of his ship (harpoon + coil, broken mast, sail for c


Our first modified humanoid character.

Backstory: Unknown. 

Personality: Mute, genius and creative.

Key Features: Incomplete human development (legs never developed). He therefor mechanised himself from scrap collected from the gang's raids and travels.

Untitled_Artwork 47.jpg
Untitled_Artwork 47.jpg


A most cunning and fearless woman.

Backstory: Roaming Earth under her pseudonym, Joan joined the gang with a clear motive: Finding her father! (More backstory to unfold)

Personality: Highly aggressive, cold and fearless. 

Key Features: Having a profound love for folklore and history (due to her father) she now re-enacts a knight. Her favourite weapon of choice is a self-made lance.

So that's the first line-up. 

Let me know what you think so far in terms of narrative or character development. If you have anything to add, alter or critique, I'd love to hear about it!

Cheers guys!