Concept art / Illustration by Antonio Stappaerts
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Brittle Earth


Antonio Stappaerts _ Post Apoc Char.jpg

I thought about setting up a blog for a long time but I could never figure out why or what content to give it. If it was just for art dump or everyday life events, there's plenty of other sources to do that now. Same goes for random tutorials or portfolio updates...

I want to make my blog more interactive. And I think a great way to do so is by having people actively participate in an art project! 

I always planned on making my own project and building it as I develop my skills and expand my experience as an artist. However I've always found myself to be limited in my imaginative storytelling.
For this reason I wanted to involve the community to help me build a story around my first "graphic novel" called 'Brittle Earth'.


Introducing 'Brittle Earth'

The story centers around a group of misfits set a in post-apocalyptic world. Mankind was close to annihilation due to nuclear warfare. The repercussions were severe (cliché enough?)...

Humans were endangered and set back to a near medieval state, modern technology almost completely wiped out and worse... New, often hostile, humanoid species were emerging from unknown sources of Earth. DNA mutation due to nuclear activity must've triggered these strange events to occur. 
To make things worse, wildlife was effected severely by this nuclear apocalypse. Creatures and critters turned hostile and rabid, making them a far greater threat to human life than anything else.

Local authorities, or what little remained, put out rewards for the captivity of many of these creatures and humanoids for reasons unknown... (special plastic coins were the new currency, primarily exchanged for fresh water).
Nevertheless a small group of misfits teamed up to take advantage of this opportunity to roam the wasteland in pursuit of this evil. 
Although serving a "good cause", they were outcast by most communities. Their leader, known as Brouzer, was a wanted criminal according to authorities. He's also rumoured to have teamed up with non-human species to aid his cause in capturing these creatures.
As little was known about these new humanoid races, authorities labeled them as dangerous and contagious. Giving out similar rewards for their captivity and even bigger rewards for their death!

to be continued...

The goal:

As you can see I've already set a foundation for my story/project. However I would love YOU GUYS to have a say in its continuation. 
This can be anything story, creature, character or world building related.

I'm hoping that through this blog I can both educate, inspire and give back to the art community, all the while keeping it fun and interactive.

The plan:

I will take any suggestions I like and start designing on top of what I had in mind. When I post an update of a character, creature or prop design (as this will be my main focus) I will highlight the people who inspired the designs.
My goal is to show you guys an interactive step by step of how I would go about creating designs and show you my thought process with the directions I'm given.

When I post an update, you will also have the chance to give me CC or feedback like an art director would so we can grow the designs into a desirable result for anyone actively participating in this project!

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